Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Here are the things Ivy ate while I took a 45-minute nap:

1 sandal
1 pad of paper
1 spatula

Here are the things that Ivy ignored:

3 rawhides
3 tennis balls
2 kongs
2 chew / tug toys
2 random other dog toys

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Introducing ... Ivy!

We got a new foster dog tonight! Her name is Ivy and she's a young female yellow lab mix (probably about a year old). She is a sweetheart, already house trained and beginning obedience trained (she knows "sit", and with some clicker training this weekend will probably learn more). She's very bright and energetic, and available for adoption through Tell your friends!
Here's a shot of her sporting her very own Gentle Leader!

Bye-bye Teddy Bear

Sadly, we have decided that Teddy will do better in a foster home with more experience dealing with his issues (the list of issues has grown daily, and now includes 'play' biting when he doesn't get his way). We're really sad to see him go (well, except for Susan, who's never warmed up to him). He really did make a lot of progress while he was with us, but the play-biting thing was getting out of hand, and we didn't feel equipped to help him learn a better way to release anxiety. Here's one last picture of Teddy, on the very first day we had him. This is back when we had to bribe him with treats to come into the house: