Monday, August 24, 2009

Mystery Solved!

This summer we have been investigating the Case of the Missing Cherry Tomatoes. We had two beautiful tomato plants in pots on our patio ... we waited eagerly while they ripened all summer and were really excited to eat them. We did think it was odd that they kept falling over (pots and all!) but, well, it has been a windy summer. But then - just when the tomatoes were at their peak of ripeness, the cherry tomatoes started disappearing! The regular ones were still going strong (and have been delicious!), but the cherry ones were just ... gone. We each thought the other was eating them, then we thought maybe a small animal was sneaking up to the plants? But we don't get a lot of animals in our yard because of the dogs. Which, of course, brings us to the answer to our mystery ...

That's right ... Bailey has been PICKING the tomatoes off the plant, just when they become ripe. He even sniffs past the green ones and only picks out the ripe ones ... he has good taste, at least.

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  1. LOL! Friends of mine had a tomato plant on their patio as well that was dubbed "the Willie snack plant" as he was doing the same thing...